Here are some of our past sermons on the subject of giving

We just added to this page a six part series - Cheerful GIving! 


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06/11/2017Patrick McCue Cheerful Giving Part 6 - New Testament Tithe (06-11-17-CheerfulGiving-Part-6-NT_2.mp3)

Because of grace, we can give!!!
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06/04/2017Patrick McCue Cheerful Giving Part 5 - The Cost of the Offering (06-04-17-CheerfulGivingPart5-TheCost_2.mp3)

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05/28/2017 Cheerful Giving Part 4 - The Sacred Portion – Old Testament Tithe (05-28-17-CheerfulGiving-Part4-Sacred.mp3)

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05/21/2017Patrick McCue Cheerful Giving Part 3. Plan to Give, Budget to Give (05-21-17-CheerfulGiving-Part3.mp3)

3. Plan to Give, Budget to Give A budget tells your money where to go instead of wondering what happened to it.
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05/14/2017Patrick McCue Cheerful Giving Part 2. Love Gives (05-14-17-CheerfulGiving-Part2.mp3)

Rich generosity is a heart issue, not an amount!
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04/30/2017Patrick McCue Cheerful Giving Part 1 (04-30-17-CheerfulGiving01.mp3)

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