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2010 El Salvador Missions Trip Report 

"’Return home and tell how much God has done for you.’ So the man went away and told all over town how much Jesus had done for him.” Luke 8:39
We know that it was Jesus’ desire to see the healed man share what God had done for him, and we know that is Jesus’ desire even today- to share the amazing things that He has done for us, especially on our recent missions trip to El Salvador. 
Although we weren’t sure if we were going to make it out of JFK airport due the wintry weather, God began His amazing works at the beginning, and we flew out right on time. Our flight from Miami to San Salvador was a great flight as well, as there were very few passengers on the plane, which meant we could spread out, and make ourselves comfortable, and we also had a welcomed, added blessing- free ice cream on the flight! 
El Salvador is absolutely beautiful, and we were so happy to be greeted by the coconut trees, palm trees, and, most of all, the warm weather!   However, on the way to the camp, we were also shown the areas that had been devastated by the recent mudslides. The bridges in the area were completely washed out, and crude detours had been constructed. The missionaries told us that they didn’t expect the bridges to ever be fully restored. We are even now continuing to pray for complete restoration for the damage that was done during the mudslides. 
The first week we were at the Word of Life camp, there were only five of us from the team. (The remaining 20 people on the team were to arrive a week later.) However, Marcelo, the director of the camp, who lives on the property with his wife and two children, put us to work right away. There was electricity to put in a new dorm and kitchen, a roof to be built, lots of preparation to be done in the kitchen for the arrival of the rest of the group, and countless other things that could be done. We did whatever was necessary, and the ladies especially were doing things that they hadn’t exactly expected (drilling through concrete, using a hammer drill….)
Once the rest of the team arrived, we began the project that we had all been anticipating- pouring concrete for a basketball court. There has never been such an amazing display of teamwork as there was on those days. The equipment that we had to mix and pour the concrete consisted of a smaller concrete mixer, lots of wheelbarrows, and an amazing amount of man (and woman) power. We worked with the El Salvadorian staff, and although it was very hard work, I think everyone would agree that it also turned out to be a lot of fun. 
We didn’t only spend our time working. We also had the opportunity to go out into the surrounding communities to minister. The Sunday after the team arrived, Valentine’s Day, we went to a nearby church and were able to do a medical clinic in the morning, and share love- God’s love- in a very practical way. God blessed us by giving us two nurses and a doctor on our team, so we were able to treat basic medical needs – handing out basic pain medications, vitamins, and even testing for and giving out reading glasses to those that needed them.   Each person that came into the clinic also met with a person from our team and an interpreter, where the gospel was presented to them, and an invitation to make Jesus their Lord and Savior was offered. Also, that morning, the gospel presentation was given to a large group of adults, and an invitation was given. 
During the clinic and the group gospel presentation, a few of us were able to spend time with the children that had come to the church with their parents. We sang songs, played games, and then divided the children into their age groups, where the gospel was presented to each group in an age-appropriate way. Those that gave the gospel presentation did such a great job of helping all of the kids understand that Jesus died for them, that He loves them, and that He wants to spend eternity with them in heaven. All of the kids were so attentive, and there were many that responded to the invitation given. 
Later on in the week, we went to a nearby elementary school to play games with the students, and also share a drama presentation with them. Several people from our group were involved in the drama. The drama, called “Empty Heart”, was a poignant way to show all of the things that we try to fill our hearts with, and then points out that, in the end, Jesus in the only thing that can really completely fill our hearts. Everyone practiced so hard for the drama, and did a fantastic job during the presentation. (They had two more opportunities to share the drama after we left, and God used them in this way to share the gospel in a way the audience could understand and relate to.) After the drama, quite a few students raised their hands to receive Jesus, so that He could fill the emptiness in their hearts. Praise the Lord!   
There’s so much more that we could tell you, and literally hundreds (maybe thousands?) of pictures that we could show you. God gave us so many opportunities to share his love with the people of El Salvador, and also with each other. We had such an amazing team of people willing to do anything that was asked of them, and most importantly, eager to share the gospel with anyone that we came in contact with. 
We especially want to tell you how thankful we are for your support- both financially and with your prayers. Without both, we would not have been able to do the things that God had called us to do. We fully recognize that the supporters are just as important, if not more so, as those that go. However, it is our heart’s desire to see more people go on a short-term mission trip, and be willing to be used by God by standing alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world. Please pray about future missions opportunities, and how God would like to see you get more involved. We’d love to take you with us next time! 
Until the Whole World Knows,
Pastor Pat and Rachel McCue
Linda Adcock
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