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08/05/2018Patrick McCue Prayer Part 7 - Temptation
prayer Matthew 6:13
today we learn from Jesus how to pray about temptation.
Download 08-05-18-Prayer_part_7.mp3
07/22/2018Nick Ford Guest Speaker Nick Ford
Download 07-22-18-NickFord.mp3
07/15/2018Patrick McCue Pray Like Jesus Part 6 - Forgive
prayer Matthew 6:12
today we look at the power of being forgiven and the power of forgiving others.
Download 07-15-18-Prayer6-Forgive.mp3
07/08/2018Patrick McCue Pray Like Jesus Part 5 - Our Daily Bread
prayer Matthew 6:11
Today we will learn how to pray for our need, and God's Provision
Download 07-08-18-_prayer_5.mp3
07/01/2018Patrick McCue Pray Like Jesus Part 4 - Your Kingdom Your Will
prayer Matthew 6:10
today Jesus teaches us how to pray God kingdom and will first and how that connects from heaven to earth.
Download 07-01-18-TeachUsToPray-Part4-YourKingdom.mp3
06/24/2018Mike Foster Mike Foster

Download 06-24-18-mikefoster.mp3

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