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09/20/2020Patrick McCue The Lord Bless You (Sermon 09-20-2020.mp3)
Blessings Numbers 6:22-27
The Priestly Blessing
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07/19/2020Patrick McCue For Such A Time As This - Fearless Favor (07-19-20-ForSuchATimeAsThis.mp3)
Faith Esther
Today we are going to look at the Story of Esther and see how God used her for a certain job at a certain time! What might God be wanting to use you for today?
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06/21/2020Chuck Shamback Chuck Shamback - Isaiah 52 My Name is Blasphemed (06-21-20-Chuck Shamback-Isaiah 52.mp3)
blasphemed Isaiah 52
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03/15/2020Patrick McCue I've Got Good News (IveGotGoodNews.mp3)
Good News
With all the bad news around you it is easy to get discouraged. Listen to some good news today, and then hear a story that will give you courage!
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03/08/2020Patrick McCue Journey Into His Presence (03-08-20-jouneyintohispresence.mp3)
presence of God Exodus 33
Today we are going to Journey through the Tabernacle into the presence of the Lord. Moses wasn't content to be sent, he needed God's presence to be with them.
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03/01/2020Patrick McCue The Lord is Our Banner (03-01-20-TheLordIsOurBanner.mp3)
sabbatical Exodus 17:8-16
Today we see that even Moses Got Tired. He had Arron and Hur to lift him up. after the battle they worshiped and knew that it was the Lord that was their banner.
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