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10/14/2018Patrick McCue the Role of Faith in Miracles
Miracles Matthew 8:1-17
Download 10-14-18-FaithMiracles.mp3
10/07/2018Patrick McCue Finding Stability in Lives Storms
Foundations of the Faith Matthew 7
Today we look at the passage from Matthew 7 about the wise and foolish builder. Where and how you build matters.
Download 10-07-18-FindingStabilityInLivesStto.mp3
09/30/2018Patrick McCue Judgment part 2
judging Matthew 7
Download 09-30-18-judgement-narrowroad.mp3
09/23/2018Patrick McCue Don't Be A Plank Eye
judging Matthew 7:13-
Judge not lest ye be judged. Who should we judge, how should we judge?
Download 09-23-18-JudgeNot.mp3
09/16/2018Patrick McCue What Are You Worried About?
worry Matthew 6:25-
what are you worried about? don't let your worry ruin you, believe that God has worked it out.
Download 09-16-18-WhatareYouWorriedAbout.mp3
09/09/2018Patrick McCue The Journey of a Disicple
Download 09-09-18-TheJourneyOfADisiple.mp3

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