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United Baptist Church

P.O. Box 115

38 Pompey Hollow Rd

Ashford, CT 06278

(860) 429-2923

Worship Service- 10:15 am              


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06/12/2016Patrick McCue 1 & 2 Thessalonians
Paul is encouraged by the faith of those that heard his message, believed and remained faithful.
Download 06-12-16-1-2-Thessalonians.mp3
04/10/2016Patrick McCue 1 Corinthians - Christian COnduct
unity 1 Corinthians
Download 04-10-16-1Corinthians-Conduct.mp3
09/11/2016Patrick McCue 1 John - Love
Love 1 John
Download 09-11-16-1John-LOVE.mp3
08/21/2016Patrick McCue 1 Peter - Cornerstone
Cornerstone 1 Peter
Download 08-21-16-1Peter-Cornerstone.mp3
06/26/2016Chuck Shamback 1 Timothy - Family
family 1 Timothy
1 Timothy talks gives us an outline of what the church is to be like, but one of the most powerful parts of it is our understanding af being a church FAMILY!
Download 06-26-16-1Timothy-Family.mp3
04/17/2016Patrick McCue 2 Corinthians - Defense
Defense 2 Corinthians
Download 04-18-16-2_Corinthians.mp3

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